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Marcos visited our clinic a few months ago with a hair replacement he purchased online. He was not interested in our clinical assessment because he thought we could apply his generic hair replacement. We explained him the risks and reasons to deny our treatment. Marcos left very angry with our decision.

He returned to our clinic a few months later. He was very ashamed because he applied the hair piece in another place without privacy. Also he was mocked constantly for wearing a toupee that did not match his natural hair color.

People like Marcos visit our clinic very often. Some leave our office with disappointment, angry or unhappy because they are deceived by Internet research. They find promotional videos who made them believe buying or applying a hair replacement is as easy as counting from one to three. It’s very hard and sad for us to face people like Marcos. That’s why share the truth about buying hair replacements online.

What is and what is not a hair replacement?

The hair replacement is also known as toupee. Is a thin membrane of human or synthetic hair sewn by hand and strand by strand. There’s more than 200 membranes (or bases) to adhere on human scalp with no surgery and infinity of pieces varying in styles, colors, tones, textures and hair density.

Theres dozens of conditions and factors associated to lack or hair loss. Therefore, there’s a wide variety of toupees and adhesives to glue this pieces. The styles, costs, materials and sizes of hair replacements are countless. Some pieces maintain the scalp healthy and others can cause serious skin conditions.

What to consider before you buy a hair replacement online?

Skin is the largest organ in human body and the scalp is one of the most sensitive and dangerous areas. Hair replacements must be purchased based in each person specific needs. A minimum error in choosing, applying or treatment of a hair replacement can result in irreversible skin damage.

Just identifying the appropriate toupee base may take days, weeks or months for the buyer. Imagine how much time may take his additional research to learn his skin type, specific condition causing hair lack or loss, materials, application, treatment and appropriate maintenance to avoid health risks.

This information is only available with professional capillary evaluation and clinical treatment. This is the most important truth about buying hair replacements online.

How much a buyer may put in risk?

It’s almost impossible for an influencer, video or sales promotion to cover the complexity of buying a hair replacement. That’s why many people apply themselves generic wigs, toupees or visit unscrupulous places for the treatment. Those buyers are in high risk of:

  • Skin damage or developing skin conditions
  • Loosing their privacy visiting places applying pieces next to other customers
  • Being mocked for wearing generic and easy to spot hair replacements
  • Wearing synthetic hair which is low lasting and hard to handle
  • Being insecure of loosing a wrong applied hair piece
  • Loosing money with haircuts who damage the toupee

Another type of buyers prefer clinical and professional attention such as the one we provide in JJ Hair Replacement Center. Those buyers save money and avoid higher risks because:

  • Avoid risks of skin damage
  • Received 100% confidential consultation and treatment
  • Wear 100% custom pieces and application very hard to spot
  • Wearing human hair which is long lasting and easy to handle
  • Being confidence in their daily routine with no fear of loosing the hair piece
  • Saving money with great haircuts who protect and extend the toupee durability

Each person is free to choose how to invest or save their money. But how much it my put in risk when buying a hair replacement is what we want them to deeply evaluate before is too late to take a step back.

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