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Strong winds or a slip may cause a wig to fall off but not our hair replacements or toupees. This extreme sample is ideal to learn the most basic difference between hair replacements and wigs.

This is one of the most common questions we receive at JJ Hair Replacement Center. They are both often used as a solution to hair loss but they vary widely.

Wigs are produced in mass quantities and fit standard sizes so there are a lot of exact replicas. Usually, when they are non-human hair or poor quality they become easy to spot. Wigs can be uncomfortable to wear and some do not allow the scalp to breathe, especially in warm temperatures.

The risk of a wig falling off is another important aspect to take into consideration. There are some high-risk or restricted activities for a person who wears a wig. A person can’t even take a shower or swim wearing them. A person must securely attach a wig to avoid the risk of exposure and being critiqued or mocked.

Instead, a hair replacement is a thin membrane of human or synthetic hair sewn by hand and strand by strand. Each piece is 100% customized in color, texture, and hair density for each person. There’s a wide variety of hair replacement sizes and bases so they are comfortable to wear, and allow the scalp to breathe and stay healthy.

There’s also a variety of techniques and ways of being applied with long-lasting capillary adhesives with no pain or side effects. Once adhered each hair strand appears to grow out of your scalp resulting in such a natural appearance.

The person remains able to return to their daily routine including showering, swimming or practicing regular or extreme activities with no risk for the toupee to fall off. Most importantly the person constantly receives compliments rather than critiques or mockery.

The wig’s costs vary according to its quality while hair replacements are made with the most quality possible. Hair replacement costs also vary based on each person’s needs. Our evaluation is free of cost.

Choosing between a wig or hair replacement is a particular decision for each person. However, the meticulous way in which each hair replacement is worked makes it possible to compare them with a work of art.

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