what is untold about?

Enrique visited us last March. A few years ago he had micropigmentation applied. The color pigments drawn onto his scalp were discolored and his baldness pattern changed. This was a catastrophe for his appearance and self-esteem. Living under constant prying eyes and taunts of other people got him frustrated.

We already help others facing similar challenges.  Victims of scalp micropigmentation bad practices or its unfortunate long-term consequences. There are cosmetic-related decisions that have irreversible consequences like those experienced by Enrique.

We are not against micropigmentation or any other hair loss treatment. However, sharing Enrique’s story may help others to make informed decisions. Especially when there’s so much misinformation about this topic or we don’t get to talk often about it.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

It all started in Spain back in 1986 as a permanent makeup solution, according to Asociación Española de Micropimentación y Microblading (AEM). By 2011, the tattoo technique started being used as a reinforcement to bald zones or camouflage hair transplant scars, according to AEM. That’s why is commonly known as scalp micropigmentation.

Zones reinforcement using scalp micropigmentation. Source: thehaircliniq.com

Scars camouflage using scalp micropigmentation. Source: thehaircliniq.com

These tattoos are made of pigment impressions to mimic hair follicles in the most realistic way possible, according to Hair Restoring Foundation.

Scalp and baldness patterns

There are different phases and causes of hair thinning or loss (see Hair Loss 101). As trichologists, we can estimate a baldness pattern but no one can accurately predict how worst it can get.

Hair loss remedies such as scalp micropigmentation do not solely depend on how the skin settles color pigments. They also depend on baldness pattern changes. Enrique is a clear example of what happens when there’s a fail in both of these scenarios.

Hair replacement to the rescue

Scalp micropigmentation is permanent. Retouching or tattoo removal may help if the pigments discolor or the baldness pattern changes. On the other hand, hair replacements are a less invasive, reversible, and a most affordable solution.

Hair replacement skin base can be modified upon baldness pattern evolution with no drastic changes in treatment and its costs. It all begins with a capillary evaluation to identify your specific needs and treatment costs.

More hair replacement advantages

While scalp pigmentation can be easy to spot a person can be exposed to taunts, this is not the case with hair replacements. Our experiences reach almost two decades and there are more advantages to our treatments.

  • No risks of damaging scalp skin
  • No risks of scalp irreversible damage
  • No pain, surgery, or secondary effects
  • Consultation and treatment are 100% Confidential
  • Custom color, density, and hair texture
  • Custom haircut and styling
  • Unnoticeable hair pieces
  • Long-lasting human hair
  • Proven and resistant Capillary adhesives

There are many options and remedies for hair loss. In JJ Hair Replacement we made reachable for a person to have a secure option with no health risks.

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