What are the key differences?

The hair is part of your identity. Hair replacements are a reliable way to solve hair loss problems. Synthetic hair replacements are made in a standardized way and are more likely to be confused with wigs. On the other hand, custom hair replacements are tailored to each person’s needs and are very hard to spot or be confused with something else.

Quality is the key difference in a custom hair replacement which contains strands sewn by hand. This is a general guide to help you know all the main benefits of custom hair pieces.

What is a hair replacement?

They are also known as hair pieces, systems, or toupees. It’s a nonsurgical treatment against hair loss born in 1980’decade. These hair pieces have a thin membrane sewn with human or synthetic hair and can be attached to the scalp with capillary adhesives. Those adhesives are long-lasting and have no side effects.


Key elements of a custom hair system

First, a Trichologist identifies each person’s needs and best treatment options. Custom hair replacements have higher prices because of their short and long-term value. The quality of these hair pieces can be proven in many ways:

  • Hair strands: Standardized hair pieces are made of nylon or acrylic fibers mimicking human hair. Custom hairpieces are made of real human hair.
  • Hard to spot: Color, hair texture, and grey percentage are combined with a tailored haircut and styling. This process results in an authentic appearance and pieces that are very hard to spot.
  • Base or membrane: A Trichologist skin type and ideal toupee base for each person. Allowing the scalp to breathe is highly important for healthy skin and extends adhesive bonding.
  • Endurance: Standardized hair systems may not stand against daily hygiene (washing) and tend to have a shortened lifespan compared to human hair. Showering, swimming, and exercising are possible by wearing a custom hairpiece because it retains hydration, vibrant colors, and shape over time.
  • Durability: Synthetic hair replacements may not be exposed to certain conditions. However, custom hair replacements are designed to resist water exposure, hair dryer, or sun heat.

More key factors

  • Costs: JJ Hair Replacement hair replacement treatment prices may vary upon each client’s specific need. There are different payment methods available.
  • Experience:  Each person’s needs are unique. Our trichologist experience will guide you through the process and to know the best practices for maintaining a healthy scalp and proper care.
  • Availability: Trichologists are human and may also have unforeseen events, personal matters, vacations, and holidays. JJ Hair Replacement Center has a proven appointment system and personnel to prevent treatment interruptions.
  • Privacy: Trust your custom hair replacement treatment on those highly compromised with your confidentiality and privacy always.

JJ Hair Replacement Center offers has more a variety of options to solve hair loss problems. Capilia Head First is based on natural products to address scalp conditions and Jorgen is an exclusive line made for hair replacement styling and hygiene.

We solve hair loss with no need for surgery or side effects and accessible price. Call us at 787.590.4062 or send us a message! We are available to schedule your initial evaluation as soon as possible.

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