We are proudly established in Puerto Rico with 15 years experience in hair loss expert solutions vía hair replacements. Our proud is each customer satisfaction and happiness.



Since 2004 we start the adventure of clinical hair loss solutions. No pain or surgical intervention is required. Each hair replacement piece is made of 100% human hair and custom in size, texture, density and style for each client.


Fifteen years later we have hundreds of satisfied customers. We are up to date with the latest educational, technological and expert clinical attention. Each day more and more customers are loyal to our services.


Hair replacement are thin membranes adhered to the scalp. Those adhesives are used for more than 30 years in hair replacement industry and do not have secondary effects. Hair replacements area no pain are non-surgical guaranteed. Each piece has long lasting quality, undetectable finish and hand made with 100% human hair.

"Improved self esteem and growth"

Luis Sepúlveda ( Time with hair replacement: 6 years )
I'm a business owner and I meet several people constantly to make business and sales, but how if I did not felt good with myself due to my baldness. After I try hair replacement improved my self esteem and motivation towards my work and I have a noticeable sales and business growth in Puerto Rico and other countries. Each time I see someone with baldness I talk them about JJ Hair Replacement.

"My new look improved my self confidence and esteem"

Carlos Roldán ( Time with hair replacement: 3 years )
About a three years ago I decided to wear a hair replacement and it changes my life. My new look improved my self confidence and esteem. This reflects in my work, social interaction and family. I recommend 100% JJ Hair Replacement Center.

"100% natural appearance, unnoticeable"

Jese Cintrón ( Time with hair replacement: 5 years )
My baldness is hereditary. I searched many solutions and hair replacement was my best decision. Is a totally natural treatment, so natural that nobody knows I have a hair replacement. My family and friends do not believe me when I show them because It looks so unnoticeable. I highly recommend JJ Hair Replacement Center.

"The hair replacement changed my life"

Johnathan Rodríguez ( Time with hair replacement: 5 years )
For many years I used several methods to make my hair grow back. I also tried hair transplant but It doesn't work and I lose a lot of money. Looking myself without hair was very sad and I don't wanted to go out anywhere. People and coworkers made fun of me and the way I was trying to hide my baldness. Since I start to wear a hair replacement my life changed. Now I can go out and have an active social life and receive constant compliments about me look and hairstyle. I'm totally satisfied with JJ hair replacement treatment.

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